I’m back

This is probably not going to be the first or last time I’m gonna forget about blogging. But I am making a commitment here, okay? Whatever happens I will come back, eventually.

Two days after my last post I got married. I was dressed in white and he was dressed in black and white. Went to the beach, ate pizza danced a little.
After a week we went to Finland. It was hypnotizing. Didn’t get to see the northern light which crashed my heart…..

I’m in a really dark weird part of my life, I’m constantly changing. I’m trying to be better, I try to remember I already am good, remind myself who I am and what I want. Remembering that that’s what it’s all about.
I can’t just pause my life waiting for my nightmares to happen, well, obviously I can cause that’s what I’ve been doing for the past few months, but enough is enough, a new year has started. We were not meant to carry our burden forever. I put it down, and now going for a new adventure.


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