The moment

We’ve been waiting for is finally here.

Had a planned-to-be-relaxed-but-turned-out-somewhat-busy week. Got the pictures on a disc from the photographer, met my best friend whom I haven’t seen in a while, The Kid brought me a sweatshirt to her house on his own mind(<3). Got to see the pictures only later that night, had to pick 250 out of 1000 for his to develop. But I only got around to it the next day cause I went off to bed.

Next day we went to The Kid’s parents house, and ERMUGAD!!! we bought plan tickets to Finland! Also, booked few nights in the cabin I wanted to stay in! So freaking excited. Hard to keep it in.   

Earlier this week(monday), went to the doctor to find out about the results of the tests I did. Fortunately!!!! I don’t have what I always fear from, The Kid was there to hold my hand. The doctor comforted me and said she had one and it’s not dangerous.

*Note to self: Need to appreciate the fact that I AM ALERT, and as long as I keep taking care of myself and keep being alert everything will remain peachy.

Found out I have helicobacter(which is a kind of bacteria in the stomach), kinda scared but I’m treating it and that is what’s important.

Last Saturday as an unmarried woman, getting married in Wednesday!!!

I wanna scream from the top of of my lungs;

I’m happy!!!!!


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