Event finally over.
With all the joy, beauty, and happiness. I’m glad it’s over and behind me.
Thanking god for my blessing, for the people who made it possible, and that it went smoothly without worries ahead. Just moving on with my life (:
To the next good thing.

Mikveh. So glad I didn’t elope to Finland just so I could get to experience this.
The traditional jewish ritual immersion, for the new bride. The night before the wedding. I waited for this, more for the wedding itself, which is a week from now if everything goes according to plan. 

Realized I have all the results to my tests back and I should go back to my doctor, trying to not deal with it like the hypochondriac that I am, and just go and trust the doctor to do her job. *exhaling*


Gonna have The Kid all to myself. He’s….a new word.
He’s my home.

I love him so much, in all my experiences did I ever begin to imagine I’d end up with someone as incredibly otherworldly, sensitive, gentle, free fragile spirit…and he loves ME!


Till the next time, 


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