Captive’s choice

“Alright, listen here, dear Mr. Captive”
*Recovering* “Okay, I…ummm.”
*Slap right-slap left*
*Stares, pissed off* “Ah! What now?!”
*Shrugs* “I guess I just hate when people open their mouth before they know what they’re about to say…”
“Just drop me in a fucking forest?”
*Threatening look*
*Rolling eyes* “Sorry”
*Wide smile*Kicks me off of the helicopter*

I sink. Nothing is gonna catch me now, but the loving yet merciless embrace of mother earth.
I reach to grab something, anything, but I just crack up laughing, I can’t hold on to air!? what am I trying to do here…
I’m panicking.
My face is far behind me, like miniature parachute.
I’m reaching the ground, my legs are kicking wildly, I land on a half  hard moss pillow.
My back is damn near broken. Always hated how in the movies they get up after a second with a little bit of dust and a tiny harmless bruise on their elbow…

I lied there, aching.
An endless chain of curse words…

After an hour or so, I woke up, I smiled. I saw treetops and the light blue sky, “This is my heaven”, I thought.
I got up, slowly, making sure I didn’t in fact DIED. Thanking mother earth and the helicopter pilot for being generous enough to lower it.
I walked amongst trees, I had the urge to skip between the moss but I wasn’t stable enough yet.

I was astounded. I wanted to be here my entire life, and I finally found it . Growing up in a desert, I daydreamed about forests. The comforting feeling of not being alone and being surrounded by tall and slender guardians. My eyes enjoyed the shades of green, I was so happy.

I would die here. Happily.


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